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Toshiyuki TAKAHASHI graduated from SHOBI Collage of Music with a major in Music and Education. He studied the Saito Hideo’s Conducting Method under Professor Masamitsu TAKAHASHI of Toho Gakuen School of Music. While in collage, he already started choir conducting in “Call Metis” Female Choir and directed regular concerts mainly in Aoyama Tower Hall. Under his direction, the team has been getting place every year in the Choir Contest for Tokyo Citizens and has won the second place for twice.  In these days, Mr. Takahashi is appearing on “Organ and Chorus” of NHKFM as well as some TV programs. He conducted a difficult piece called “Butterfly” which composed by Yoshinao NAKATA in a choir recital and that was praised by the composer, saying that “it has been an unforgettable performance in life”. Also, the Weekly Newspaper On Stage crowned his female choir’s singing “as beautiful as pearls and jewels”. Since from 1979, Mr. Takahashi has been the conductor of the school orchestra at Narashino Daiichi Junior High School, he has led the team winning the Championship for 9 times in National Music Contests. There are a lot of active professional musicians including Asako URUSHIHARA (violinist), Masato YOSHINAGA (horn player), Shinya HAYASHIGUCHI (cellist) were his students at that time. Mr. Takahashi has also played a part in the cultural exchange of music between Japan and China that he visited China in the invitation of the All-China Youth Federation in 1985 directing "Narashino Youth Orchestra" to perform in Beijing and Shanghai. After that, the Orchestra was honored in the China Youth Daily as “The conductor and children who always go forward”. In the orchestral field, Mr. Takahashi set up “Narashino Philharmonic Orchestra” and poured all energies in the development of it. Later, he also founded “Chiba Chamber Orchestra”, and served the Prefectural Choir as the conductor of the team directing them in regular concerts in Narashino Cultural Hall with Mahler’s “Resurrection”, Beethoven’s “9th” and “Missa solemnis”, Bach’s “Mass in B Minor”, and Handel’s “Messiah" etc. In recent, Mr. Takahashi is being engaged into both fields of musical education and conductorship. He has produced and directed various programs including “Seminars of the Saito Hideo’s Conducting Method”, "Beethoven series" held in Kioi Hall, "the Unforgettable Songs Series" sang by the choir, and "the New Artist Concerto Series" held in Lutheran Ichigaya Hall, and through these he is devoted to discovering new young artists. 
Currently, Mr. Takahashi serves as member of the Board of Directors as well as councilor of Educational Corporation Shobi Gakuen, Professor of Shobi Executive Lesson (a music school of Shobi for adults), Director-general of Chiba branch of Japan Association for Musical Education, Councilor of Japan’s Primary School Wind Instrument Education Association, and Artistic Director of Chiba Chamber Orchestra and Nemunohana Women’s Choir.