Marie OGAWA had graduated from Tokyo Music and Media Arts SHOBI with a Department of Arts Expression Academy in 2008. In 2007, she won the first prize for the 37th French Music Competition, and also she received an award for the French Ambassador prize, the Mainichi Broadcasting System prize and the Osaka France-Japan Society prize for the competition. On December in that year, she made a debut as a soloist of Ravel’s “Piano Concerto in G major” at 9th Performance held in Humi no Miyako at Bunkyo Civic Hall. On February, 2008, she appeared on the 37th French Music Competition Prize Winner Concert in 2007 held in Osaka the Symphony Hall. In that year on May, she played an accompaniment of Akira MIYOSHI’s “Three Lyrics” for women’s chorus suites at the Performance of Nemunohana Women’s Choir. After that, she took up a post as a house pianist of the choir. She also achieved as an accompanist of choral compositions by Saburo TAKADA, Yoshinao NAKADA, Toshi ISOBE, Akira YUYAMA, Mari MIURA and Yuka TAKECHI, and was praised that her performance was more than a mere accompaniment for her clear sounds and rich musicality. Ms. Ogawa performed Beethoven’s piano concerto 4th at SIOBI symphony orchestra concert on September 2009, Beethoven’s piano concerto 5th “Emperor” at “Beethoven series” held in Kioi Hall on March 2010 and Grieg’s piano concerto on March 2012. These performances earned a good name and reputation for herself as a rising pianist. Ms. Ogawa has studied under Professor Kyoko TANAKA, Professor Hiroko ONO, Professor Takashi NARISAWA, Professor Yukio YOKOYAMA, and Professor Kazuoki FUJII. Currently, Ms. Ogawa serves as a member of part-time teacher in SHIOBI College of Music, Pianist of conducting lesson in N-Music Planning Office, Exclusive pianist belonging to Nemunohana Women’s choir and Bunkyou Tshumu Gigen male’s choir, and Committee member of JSECC Japan School Ensemble Competition Committee.